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Grand Opening!

This is it folks! The grand opening of the Tim Weed FAN CLUB!! This is a community that will discuss all things Tim. His likes, and dislikes, his hair, his british. And it will be run by his biggest fans.

The Tim Weed Foundation presents: My First REAL Encounter with Tim Weed...

Tim and Aaron needed a drummer for an english project. I am a drummer. We never did the english project but it sparked a beautiful fanship.

It was a dark and stormy day, and Tim wanted to jam. He asked, "But who will we use on bass?" I responded with "Either Aaron or Devin, Devin needs practice so let's take him!" We did. And we jammed. We jammed NOFX, we jammed Sex Pistols. It's been nearly 8 months and we still jam. Tim Weed, you are my hero. Strictly in a none sexual way.
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